Floral Various

The emeralds and diamonds are set into acorn cups and the band is notionally an oak twig, although practicality stopped me going fully to town there as all the buds would have turned it into barbed wire. The primrose was the first flower engagement ring I did; a eureka moment for me. The stone is set into the stamen of the flower, although the sheer physics of that mean it has to be the thought that counts here. The crisper ring is based on slightly minimalised sweet pea flowers.


Details of the photographs of different flower engagement rings are as follows:

Photo 1: 0.5ct diamond and 2 x 2mm diamonds set in 9ct white gold sweet pea design

Photo 2: Primose with ruby in 18ct white gold (photographed in very yellow light, not indicative of colour of metal)

Photo 3 & 4: Acorn cups and twig with emerald and diamonds set in 9ct yellow gold

Photo 5: Diamond set in palladium with rose and daffodil detail

Photo 6: Daisy with central diamond and ruby ladybird in platinum & 9ct red gold

Photo 7: Two pear shaped diamonds in 9ct red gold snowdrop

Photo 8: Branches and leaves design set with emeralds