Due to their simplicity, many jewellers don’t seem to spend time thinking about wedding rings but I feel that they bring together everything I care about when working metal. I always try to create pieces of metal that can become important to someone and bespoke wedding rings are the height of this.

The particular challenge raised by wedding rings is that they usually need to be simple, durable and comfortable in ways that a lot of other jewellery doesn’t have to be. How can something so simple say so much? Highly elegant jewellery, as with fashion, often hints at the wearer having the luxury to put their appearance before their ability to do anything hands on. This is often nice to work with in an engagement ring, but in my view wedding rings should be able to cope with any amount of DIY, whilst still being beautiful.

I work with any precious metal in a variety of techniques and am always open to new ideas. The technique is important to me. Most high street wedding rings are turned on a lathe, just like a machine component, but are then sold for hundreds of pounds to justify the materials cost and for the mark up to cover all the expenses of running a shop. I try to put a work fee in where their mark up is, so for a similar price to H Samuel I can put a lot of time and care in.

I’ve always found a certain magic in working metal and have dedicated a number of years to learning interesting things that can be done to it. Being able to do so much to something so hard still holds wonder to me and I find combining that magic with a highly valuable material and a deep, but often subtle degree of personalisation can create something special enough to symbolise the solid, quiet enduring love of a marriage.

Please browse the sub-pages to see the different techniques and styles available, and see how the process works. And get in touch to design your own bespoke wedding rings!