Design process

All our commissions, from the most elaborate engagement ring to the most minimal wedding ring, are bespoke and designed in collaboration with you, our client. The designs respond to themes important to you, often combining ideas to represent the coming together of two people. These ideas range from understated to audacious and can be as unusual or coded as you like. Simple forms such as pet names, favourite flowers or star signs work extremely well.

The process starts with an initial chat at Greenwich market or by email with Becca, followed by a questionnaire and then a consultation at our Welling studio. If you have half an idea we can expand it into a working design with some drawings over a cup of tea. We’ll do some measurements and look at all the metals, the portfolios and lots of weights, shapes, details and textures along with some gemstones to try to discover ‘your ring’. We’re always looking to make something new, and that twist, however bold or subtle, that will make it special.

Following the consultation Becca will send you comprehensive quotes for all the options that have been decided on, along with further sketches for the more detailed pieces. It’s far, far easier to figure out complex ideas face-to-face in the consultation, so we try to keep any decisions afterwards as simple as possible.

Once you’ve decided on the rings you would like to commission and have confirmed that with us, Richard will hand sculpt the wax model (if that’s the technique being used for your order) and we will send you photographs to agree. You are also very welcome to see the wax model in person at our studio; this also makes a good time to see any gemstones we have selected and choose between them.

When the wax model has been agreed, that then goes to be lost wax cast. The rough cast comes back to us for polishing, before having any stones set in Hatton Garden, and being hallmarked at the Assay Office (this is an independent process which is a legal requirement and guarantees the purity of the metals we are providing to you).  Richard will then take a final look over the rings to make sure they are perfect before you come and collect from the studio or Greenwich market.

We really thrive when you give us the opportunity for a juicy design, along with time (although we can turn jobs around quickly when needed), enthusiasm and friendliness. It’s safe to say that the quality of any craftsmanship is usually dictated more by how happy the craftsman is than the money changing hands (although that does help).

We look forward to meeting you and getting to add something wonderful to our portfolio. – Becca and Richard