Signet rings seem to be coming back into fashion recently, we have been getting many enquiries.

If you are interested in commissioning a signet ring from us there are many things to think about. Do you have a family crest you would like to reuse or at least take details from? Or would you like a new crest designed by Richard – after all, all crests were ‘made up’ by someone in the past. Design elements can be taken from your name, any family professions or heritages, and perhaps family interests in sports or hobbies.

Would you like a chunky version to wear on your middle or ring finger, or perhaps something more slender to be worn on your pinky?

Would you like the ring in silver, gold or perhaps something more modern like palladium?

Click on the red links below to browse the ‘traditional’, ‘contemporary’ and ‘not-quite-signet’ signet rings that we have made.

  • Traditional

    Personalised, subtle rings don’t come much better than a signet ring. I often help design the crest with the client or improve an existing one. All crests have been made up by someone at some point in the past and I’m happy to be that person. Also, old crests have often been repeatedly re-hashed so the animals can become deformed versions of poorly drawn ones. I go back to a photograph of the animal and start the design from scratch to get it as accurate and beautiful as possible. These can be used for wax seals.

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  • Contemporary

    The contemporary signet rings are all highly personal and often quite playful. The textured spartan ring has ‘Come and claim them’ in Ancient Greek mirror writing, which was apparently the Spartan king’s response to the Persian’s demand for their weapons as tribute.

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  • Not quite signet

    These silver and gold signet rings are sort of like signet rings, but a bit different. 

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