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I love designing rings that include flowers. There is such a huge variety to work with, many of which lend themselves really well to flower engagement ring designs. People often have an affinity with a particular flower, whether it’s something from their past or perhaps a national flower.


  • Flowers

    We think of flowers as frivolous beauty, but there’s so much wonderful engineering needed to create something so gravity defying. Getting to the core of that engineering is what makes the flower distinctive. It always feels so much more structural than decorative when I’m making them. I’m very ‘form follows function’ in my heart but I love flowers so much, and using them in a flower engagement ring especially.

    Roses can be lots of things, from the simple five petal wild rose to the voluptuous hybrid tea. Orchids are very three dimensional flowers which offer opportunities and challenges, and have a spray of five petals, a ‘mouth’ and a ‘beard’. Holding a stone in the mouth is a no brainer. In the pink sapphire flower engagement ring shown I used the beard from two orchids to hold the central stone.

    The colours of the sunflower ring were a real victory. The band is the brown of 18ct white gold and then the bright 18ct yellow gold petals, halo of diamonds and rich red ruby. There was a time when I thought of myself as a fauvist painter and the range of colours in precious metal is my new pallet. He proposed in our workshop so I really feel part of this one. The matching wedding ring is a little train of bees.

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  • Foliage

    This platinum leaf engagement ring has a wonderful natural, curling design to hold the vintage diamond in place. The emeralds and diamonds are set into acorn cups and the band is notionally an oak twig, although practicality stopped me going fully to town there as all the buds would have turned it into barbed wire. 

    I've made a couple of fern engagement rings, one with a sapphire and the other with a blue diamond.

    Another leaf engagement ring here has small emerald set into the design, which makes for a slightly different feel.

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