• Wedding rings Due to their simplicity, many jewellers don’t seem to spend time thinking about wedding rings but I feel that they bring together everything I care about when working metal. I always try to create pieces of metal that can become important to someone and wedding rings
Richard Chown

“I’m a jewellery designer maker based in South-East London. I offer a one-to-one design consultation service for wedding and engagement rings before hand carving them from a block of wax for casting into precious metal.”

I have made hundreds of unique celebratory rings and charge similar to high street prices for a bespoke product. I am also open to any and all other commission ideas.

Please have a look through to see what’s possible and get in touch if you have an idea that you think I might be able to help with. There are also a lot of stock designs that are available in a shorter time-frame so please email me if you are interested.